Boy Scouts of America Troop 728

Heart of Virginia Council Richmond, VA

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First and foremost, get your scout involved.  Bookmark the troop website and go to it often, particularly the calendar.  If possible, schedule your son to attend the troop meetings, campouts, and summer camp.  The meetings, campouts, and summer camp in the first year are essential for the boys to advance on the Trail to First Class.  The boys, who miss the campouts and summer camp, invariably fall behind


Your son's focus at his first summer camp should be the Trail to First Class, and perhaps a merit badge or two.  But at this point, the merit badges should be secondary in importance to rank advancement.


Service projects:  These are required for advancement, but they should also be done just for the sake of service.  Service is a core value in scouting.  In other words, a boy shouldn't stop doing service once he's met the requirements for the next rank.  He should always serve, and participate in as many Troop service projects as he can.


Email is one of the Troop’s primary communication tools.  Often important information comes out the day before or even the day of a Troop meeting or outing.  While Troop 728 is a “boy run troop,” it’s a good idea to have a parent as well as the Boy Scout on email distribution, if you have separate email addresses.


Communication is vital to the success of each Scout patrol and the entire Troop.  When your Scout has a patrol leadership position, he must either attend the weekly patrol meeting or designate another patrol member attend in his place.  Information critical to the smooth functioning of the entire troop is discussed and passed down to the patrols at the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), held immediately before the troop meeting, the first Wednesday of each month.


Boy Scouts are expected to take responsibility for their own rank advancement and merit badge activities.  The Troop creates opportunities to achieve rank and merit badge requirements, but it is up to your Scout to take advantage of them.  That said, you should feel comfortable in giving your Scout guidance, and even a little prodding.  Participation in campouts is vital for rank advancement, as a large portion of early rank advancement is related to camping skills.


Camping gear: If you and your Scout do not have camping gear, don’t feel like you need to buy it all at once.  More experienced Scouts and adults can provide plenty of solid advice on what you really need and the best sources.  This is an area where it pays to wait for sales, and to pay close attention to details about equipment capabilities and quality.  Inexpensive is not necessarily a bargain, and expensive is not necessarily high quality.  You and your Scout absolutely will need foul weather clothing and boots to keep you warm and dry.  It rains on some of our campouts.

Troop T-shirts: Class B shirts for camp outs are available. $15.00 each

See Scoutmaster to make a purchase.